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My Newfound Obsession With Working Out

So I was at the gym today and I got to thinking, why do us guys think it is hot to have these super built arms but have these chicken legs? Now I am by no means built like a muscle head. That could be because instead of spending sixty minutes on just my arms, I actually spend equal time on all my major muscle groups.

Now I know I’ll never look like John Cena, but I would like to have some definition. Unfortunately, if Olive Oil had a brother I would be it. Building muscle mass does not come easily to me. My only one redeeming quality is that I’m not ass-less. Men with big arms, chicken legs and no ass, just make me embarrassed to call myself a man. So I got the butt and totally don’t have chicken legs (thank you to my cycling instructor).

It’s not too much to ask to want mini-me John Cena definition. That’s why I started looking into protein supplements, figuring it would be easy to find one that “fit” me. Boy, there are so many types of supplements (Met-Rx, Myoplex, UltraMet, etc.) and so many different prices ranges. I’m thinking I might be going to the Vitamin Shoppe. Of course, if I could just get off my lazy butt and actually cook a meal with high protein content. Need to figure something out as I am tired of spending my life as Olive Oil’s long lost brother.

Why all the Cena comparisons?  He is my favorite wrestler and I recently got the chance to meet him for a second time and get his autograph.

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